Partnership in Practice: Relationship and Sex Therapy


Gail F. Canavan, DNP, RN, APN, C

795 Franklin Ave, Suite 201
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
Phone/fax: 201-337-6226

Typical Problems Addressed in Sex Therapy: 

  • Low sexual desire 
  • Difficulty obtaining orgasm 
  • Painful intercourse 
  • Erectile disorder 
  • Premature ejaculation 
  • Revitalizing non-sexual marriages 
  • Difficulty becoming aroused 
  • Sexual inexperience 
  • Differences in level of desire and sexual needs 
  • Impulsive and compulsive sexual behaviors 
  • Sexual boredom 
  • Sexual abuse  
  • Embarrassment and anxiety 
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation-related issues 
  • Marital and relationship problems 
  • Couples communication 
  • Negative body image 
  • Issues related to infidelity
  • Sexual aversion 
  • Internet and pornography addiction 
  • Fertility and postpartum issues 

About Sex Therapy

The Viagra Revolution, TV show Sex and the City  and recent  best-selling novels are credited for creating a greater openness about sex.  Men and women are now aware that great sex is possible, but may not know how to improve the quality of their own sex lives. We help couples and individuals improve sexual functioning, satisfaction, and pleasure.